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Need Extra Income? Become a driver for a College Station Taxi Service.

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Committed to Building Community

With a distinct vision in mind, Curbside represents a prime example of the small business sector that makes up that backbone of America: a business model that produces employment opportunity, fulfills needs and services, solves problems, and most importantly utilizes technology and innovative ideas to make other people's lives easier. Our goal at Curbside Cab is to provide a safe, affordable, and friendly taxi-cab experience every ride.

Whether you're a student trying to offset costs of tuition, cover this month's rent, or save money for your future, Curbside will get you there. Join a team of individuals driven to serve others and help positively influence the Aggieland community.

Why Curbside

Earn Tips

As a driver, going the extra mile rewards generously! Solicited tips are yours to keep.

Flexible Scheduling

Our typical driver is available part-time, our management team understands the value of time outside of work.


Our brand has a tendency to partner with community businesses so we can have a steady stream of clientele.

What are Curbside's requirements?

As we strive to be the best ride option available, our management is committed to empowering the most qualifying individuals for the job. As part of our approval process, you must be at least 23 years of age; then, you'll undergo a one-on-one interview, a DMV check, in addition to a national background check. This will require your Social Security number, as well as an in-state driver's license that is at least a year old.